Friday, April 08, 2011

Big News

Many of you who know me know that my family and I have been awaiting the arrival of a new addition to our family. We have chosen to adopt a baby, and have been waiting for over 10 months now.

But the wait is finally over. I would like to introduce to you to our new baby daughter Lucy Evelyn!

She was born Sunday April 3rd around 8AM was 7 pounds 1 ounce and 19 inches long. She has a full head of dark hair, and I mean a FULL head.

She is so beautiful, and healthy, and has the cutest dimples!
My lovely wife got a call around 9AM Monday from Doris, the lovely lady who along with her Husband Jim, run the adoption agency we adopted Lucy through. At first it was small talk.

I was in a conference call with a Disk Storage vendor (more about them in another post) learning all about their (rather impressive) solution when I get an IM from my beautiful wife that Doris had called but it was nothing but chit-chat... so I toss out my tired old "Show me the BABY" joke with her and we laugh and I keep going.

Then a few minutes later I get a message asking "How far is Rocky Mt.". I'm thinking... wow, we have to meet a birth mom for lunch or something... Then I'm asked "Do you know where Nash General Hospital is?"...

So I had to figure out, do we have a baby or not.. what do I do.. That question was answered for me, we had to be at the hospital by 1. It was 9:30ish now.. I had to run.

I ditch the call, send out a cryptic email saying I was going to be out of the office all week, and ran out of the door.

We dropped the girls off at a good friend of ours, who is the only person who knows whats going on outside of our little family, and we run off.

The drive east was surreal, I'm not sure I can even describe what it was like.. we had a baby seat, diaper bag, all the stuff we needed for a baby.. We had no idea what we were walking into, we had no idea what to expect.

We have heard mixed reviews from other adoptive parents about hospitals and their staff and how the adoptive parents were treated... but I digress.

We met the Social Worker from our agency, Sheryl, in the lobby, and went into the small cafeteria and did all the paperwork, finalized all of our finances (praise be to God for seeing the financial side out 100%), and we asked questions..

Turns out our Birthmother wants to have a 'closed' adoption for now, doesn't want to meet, and didn't even want to know who we were. We were selected by the agency based upon what the birthmother requested.

So we know very little about the birthmother and birthfather. We do know that our little Lucy was taken care of, that she had prenatal care for quite a while, and that she loves our Lucy very much.

We brought home a barely 1 day old little girl. My HR lady was awesome and got her added to my insurance policy very quick (I even have new cards issued by the company 2 days after we brought her home!).

I'm writing this on Friday, but will publish it Tuesday.. Why? Because our 7 day legal risk period won't be over until midnight Monday... and our agency has a rule that we not tell anybody until after the 7 day risk period is over. I will say that both birthparents have signed documents that release the baby for adoption, so once the 7 days is up, she is all ours!

She has been to the doctor for her first checkup and a weight check, she is down to 6 pounds 12 ounces, and needs to start gaining, but other than that she is healthy.

She is mostly content, but goes from 0 to full scream in 3.7 seconds, so we get very little warning... and she only seems to cry when she is hungry.

She sleeps well for a newborn, could sleep better but really, we are so very happy that it isn't a huge deal!

I'm going to simul-post this over at my Facebook page with lots more pictures of this precious gift!

One side thought. That lovely quit was provided to us by the adoption agency (Christian Adoption Services) who have been great throughout this entire process.