Friday, February 12, 2010

New SQL Tools

I can't take credit for finding these but man they are the bees knees.

SQL Heartbeat

Searches the DB code for text

I really LOVE SQL Heartbeat. It shows a stack graph of waits, a line graph of Seek Time (Reads and Writes) a line graph of Physical Reads and Writes, a line graph of Cache Hits


The best feature, A bubble graph of active processes. The bubble has a red ring if it is inside a transaction, the bubble grows if it is using a bit of CPU, and if the process is 'stalled' within a transaction it shows up as a huge red bubble.

When you mouse over the bubble you get process information and all that jazz.

This replaces SP_who, SP_who2, my home rolled "SP_What" and the best part is it is FREE.

Second link is RedGate's SQL Search. I have a stored proc that does this, but not as fast and not as easy to read. It searches databases for key words (in all code). It is pretty good. Right now I'm loving Red Gate, and am checking out SQL Solutions very closely. These free tools are just what the over-worked DBA needs to keep on top of things!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Memory Log

It has been a while since the promise to attach the code for my memory logging, but I'm back now and I have a .zip that contains all the SQL and the RDL for the report. The RDL will need to be modified to have the proper connection string AND the SQL will need to be put in your utility DB, Right now it just goes where you run it.

Enjoy. Yes, it is a quicky report, but it shows a graphical representation of memory usage (and connections) by hour (if you schedule the jobs properly) so that you can see quickly if you are starting to approach a pressure situation AND you can see when so you can go track down what happened.

OK, so I need to upload it to a site first THEN post a link. I'll have to do that from home. Just leave a comment if you can't wait and I can send it to you via Email.

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